Job Seekers

The Key is to Find the Right Job!

We stand by job applicants in this critical stage of their life. We find the positions which comply with the candidates' competence and experience, and guide them exclusively to these positions. The details of our ground-breaking process is as follows:


Analyze the latest job ads and apply for a position whose requirements correspond to your qualifications. You can file an application by filling out the “Application Form” located below the detailed information on the position, or by clicking the “Upload CV” button and uploading the résumé you have prepared beforehand. While filling out the Application Form, please select the name of the position you are interested in under the question asking for the department you apply for.


Preliminary Interview

Once you apply for a job ad, your résumé will be analyzed, and if your qualifications correspond to the requirements of the position in question, a 444İK consultant will call you in two weeks for a preliminary interview over the phone.


Detailed Interview

Candidates who pass the preliminary interview are invited to a detailed interview, which allows us to receive further information on the applicants' competence and experience, as well as career plans and objectives. This information enables us to identify the job opportunities that the candidates may be interested in and suitable for.

444İK consultants are experts in evaluating candidates through elaborate interviews and directing them towards convenient positions. Our consultants also offer mentorship to applicants, preparing them for the eventual interview with the employer.



Guiding the right candidate towards the right position is what makes 444İK exceptional. At the end of the recruitment process where we make an in-depth analysis of candidates' expectations, 444İK pinpoints the positions which will offer the work environment, company structure and corporate culture that the candidates seek, and directs them towards these job opportunities.

Reference Check

We run a reference check for those candidates who perform successfully through this process. To this end, 444İK professionals contact the managers and human resources officers of the previous companies that the applicants worked for.

No reference is demanded from the current managers of a candidate. We pay utmost attention to this issue, so as not to place our candidates in an awkward position.


Results of the Application

In case you are not contacted in the two weeks following a preliminary interview or detailed interview, you may assume that you are not being considered for the position you applied for. In such a case, we would suggest you to file applications for different positions available.

To make sure that you apply for the right position at the right time, please regularly check our Latest Job Offers section, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

444İK İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. is a private recruitment agency certified by the Turkish Federal Employment Agency with licence number 317 and validation update 06.11.2014. Due to Turkish labour law no 4904, its strictly forbidden for the private employment agencies to obtain any fee or benefit from the job seekers.