About Us

At 444İK, we offer clients not only the special attention they expect from a boutique company but also the professional approach associated with corporate firms, with our customer oriented consultants and proven recruitment processes.

Our Vision;

To become a closely watched, leading recruitment company in the domestic market that possesses the necessary clout, quality and ambition to offer collaborative integration with well-established corporations on the international arena. 

Our Mission;

At 444İK, we expend the utmost effort to implement our innovative and resourceful recruitment systems through a success- and solution-oriented perspective.

We observe that our mission indeed materializes, when we receive stakeholders' feedback reflecting a high degree of satisfaction. In this respect, we believe that we live up to our mission with sincerity and enthusiasm. As such, we are taking ambitious strides towards making our vision come true.

Our Name; 444İK

Our customer-oriented perspective, our capability of offering practical solutions through the swift execution of all recruitment processes, and our position among the firms that first spring to mind in human resources solutions, all suggest that our name indeed deserves the robust reputation it enjoys.

Our History;

444İK's roots go back to the 1992. We offered a wide range of services to a number of deep-rooted companies, performed needs analyses for different sectors as required by the information economy, and formulated vertical solutions. Following an in-depth analysis of the Human Resources sector and capitalizing on our awareness of sector-specific needs, we completed our process of institutionalization to become capable of offering productivity-based, value added services. Since the beginning of 2007, we have been providing human resources services to a number of leading firms. In the human resources sector, we have established ourselves as a consultancy firm specialized in bringing together sought-after employees with the right career opportunities.

At 444İK, we offer you not only the sincere, personalized attention you would expect from a boutique company but also the meticulous professionalism and uncompromising integrity associated with corporate firms, with our customer oriented consumers and proven recruitment processes.

By analyzing the needs and operational priorities of our clients and presenting them optimal human resources solutions through maximum integrity and accuracy, we have succeeded in becoming the long-term, strategic business partner of our clients with our top-notch services customized for specific sectors and corporations.

The factors underlying this achievement highly appreciated by clients are our possession of the knowledge, know-how and capability required by sector dynamics, keenness on going the extra mile, and passion to work ever harder.

444İK İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. is a private recruitment agency certified by the Turkish Federal Employment Agency with licence number 317 and validation update 06.11.2014. Due to Turkish labour law no 4904, its strictly forbidden for the private employment agencies to obtain any fee or benefit from the job seekers.