Whether you are an employer looking for the employee that fits the profile designated by your corporation perfectly or you are an employee looking for the job that will fit your profile best and determine your dream career, 444İK is the means to your end.

One of the most prominent human resources firms in Turkey with boutique recruitment, 444İK places more importance on ensuring that our partners achieve their desired goals than on profitability.

444İK accepts that for all our partners achieving their goals means “both the employer and the employee are satisfied with the service they receive to the point where they can sincerely recommend it”.

Our difference is that the employees that we hire are permanent and essential.

When you go into our website, you will clearly see that 444İK is ready to help you reach your targets.

Over the years, we have developed positive, satisfaction-based relationships with our clients and candidates with the sectoral culture and experience we have, our philosophical values in human affairs and our enriching services. It is a great pleasure to see the confirmation that we have achieved our main corporate goal in the positive remarks of our partners.

The target of 444İK is not to be the biggest human resources firm; it is to be the best. Positive relationships are one of our most valued currencies, the reflection of which can be seen in the structural culture of 444İK.

It has been a privilege and pleasure for us to contribute to the careers of our candidates and to the business needs of each of our clients.

We succeed because we work with passion; and the positive feedbacks in this regard increase our passion and motivation.

444İK İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. is a private recruitment agency certified by the Turkish Federal Employment Agency with licence number 317 and validation update 06.11.2014. Due to Turkish labour law no 4904, its strictly forbidden for the private employment agencies to obtain any fee or benefit from the job seekers.